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Excelsior’s history in this community begins with the Sisters of the Good Shepherd. From 1893 to 1910 authorities placed underage girls in Good Shepherd Homes throughout the country including Seattle and Spokane. Some of these girls were taken from brothels or dangerous home environments. The Sisters in Seattle and Spokane established homes for young women. “The perception was that unwed mothers were sent there, but they weren’t,” said Sister Vera Gallagher. “In order to protect the girls, we really didn’t tell the community much about what we were doing; and, because nobody knew, that was what they imagined. But they were just high-energy girls who had no place to go.” Here in Spokane, the Sisters supported themselves by running a laundry service, providing sheets and linens used by the railroad. In later years the Sisters also managed an industrial kitchen that prepared altar bread for congregations in the region. Their first Spokane facility–where Sears at Northtown Mall sits today—was replaced beginning in 1959 on 34 acres nestled against five-mile prairie in the yet-to-be-developed area of Indian Trail. That mid-century modern 60,000 square foot facility currently serves as Excelsior’s home-base. In 1982 Excelsior responded to the needs of the sisters to have more professional services for this population and to increase the number of youth who could be served. In 18 months Bob Faltermeyer (retired CEO), Sue Bell (current Medical Coordinator), Marilyn Pitini (current Outpatient Director) along with other current employees, and the sisters grew the program from 13 to 72 girls. It is with great pride that we continue to serve our community through those same residential programs. Today, Excelsior operates as an integrated healthcare and education organization, providing integrated care through a variety of specialty programs and services. We employ nearly 200 community members and now have the capacity to serve over 275 youth and families in the Spokane and greater inland northwest regional community.

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