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 Our Programs And Services Overview

All programs offered by Excelsior utilize Person Centered Recovery Planning {PCRP). This approach allows for flexibility and innovation in meeting needs of youth and their families. We recognize that individuals have unique needs and have the most crucial voice in their search for healthier lives. This voice is critical in directing service planning. Youth Partners and Family Partners are available to provide peer support from another individual with similar lived experiences. This is a key to instilling Hope. Excelsior currently provides services through the following programs:

Primary Medical Services

• Primary Medical and EPSDT Wellness Exams • Nursing Support Services • Medication Administration • Medical Monitoring • Care Coordination with Medicaid accepting primary, oral, vision, and specialty care providers

Excelsior has over 30 years of experience providing onsite primary medical and specialty care services. Services include EPSDT, psychiatric assessment, and medication evaluation and management. Primary and specialty medical care coordination through long-standing community relationships with providers, including oral, vision and other specialists, help ensure we provide whole care for the individuals we serve.

Education Services

• Accredited School • Psychoeducation • Substance Use Disorder • Parent Education • Skills Center Summer Program • Credit Recovery • GED • Employment Support • Special Education and Individual Education Planning (IIEP/504)

Excelsior has over 30 years of experience providing academic services through our fully accredited on-site elementary, middle and high school. The school does not suspend nor expel. Intervention specialists and behavior technicians provide therapeutic and crisis services to all students under the coordination of a campus manager and Mental Health Professional. The school provides special, experiential, and regular education services, GED, and credit retrieval services to ensure all educational opportunities are maximized.

Outpatient Behavioral Health

• Individual/Group/Family Therapy • Care Coordination • Peer Support • Crisis Support • Day Treatment • Intensive Outpatient (IOP) • Intensive Wraparound Services • Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) • Specialty Programs • Psychiatric Evaluation and Assessment • Substance Use Assessment • Psychiatric Nurse Services  • Medication Management • Substance Use and Psychiatric Residential Services • Outreach and Referral

Excelsior provides ambulatory care through a variety of outpatient and outreach services including Psychiatric Assessment and Evaluation; Substance Use Assessment; Medication Management; Individual/Group/Family Therapy; Case Management/Care Coordination; Intensive Outpatient (MH/ASAM 2.1); Crisis Services and Outreach; Community SUD Outreach; SUD Outpatient (ASAM 1.0); and Recovery Support Services which encompass Medication Support; Peer Support; Crisis Support; Wraparound Facilitation; and Least Restrictive Alternative (LRA) Support.

 LifePoint Transition and Hospital Diversion Program

Excelsior provides a comprehensive transition service providing hospital diversion and step-down from acute institutional care settings. A multidisciplinary service team has a unique approach to address the variety and complexity of this population’s needs. The program provides a structured residential setting with the flexibility for the independence desired in late adolescence and young adulthood, and with a plan to reduce or eliminate intensive stabilization services in adulthood.

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 Caregiver Respite Program

Excelsior provides respite services to families who need a break from high-intensity caregiving, and youth who benefit from a therapeutic program and structured environment.

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Day Treatment Hospital Diversion Program

The Day Treatment Program provides day treatment for adolescents with the goal to prevent out of home placement and/or hospitalization through a contract with the County Regional Support Network.                                                                  Learn more

In-Home Hospital Diversion Program ~ RLS

Excelsior has developed the only children’s Roads to Community Living program in our region of care. The program engages families with children, adolescents and young adults with chronic hospitalization, law enforcement interaction and CPS involvement. In 2014 this low-cost program kept 100% of participants from returning to the hospital and several families from filing dependency with the state of Washington.

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Behavioral Health Residential (10-21)

Excelsior has over 35 years of experience providing intensive and sub-acute child and adolescent behavioral health residential services. We provide intensive inpatient substance use (ASAM 3.5-Co-occurring enhanced) and psychiatric residential care.

Excelsior provides the State’s most intensive level of care for child welfare. These children and adolescents aged 10-21 have a history of chronic and significant traumatizing experiences (Adverse Childhood Experiences – ACEs) and often an absence of any familial support system resources. These youth receive holistic, trauma­ informed, and evidence-based care. Lengths of stay range from brief intervention to long-term psychiatric residential care. All residential services are integrated with on-site primary medical and education services.

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Co-Occurring Intensive Outpatient Program

Excelsior operates an innovative harm-reduction based child and adolescent co-occurring intensive outpatient program. The program serves males and females ages 10-21 and offers a variety of engaging services including crisis response, peer support, medication management, therapeutic recreation, in-home consultation and other non-traditional services. 90% of the program participants are assessed at meeting criteria for inpatient or residential, but for a variety of reasons may not be appropriate for, or willing to access those services.

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