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Day Treatment

Day Treatment

Day Treatment

What is Day Treatment?

An intensive on-site program which provides a range of integrated and varied life skills training (e.g., health, hygiene, nutritional issues, money management, maintaining living arrangement, symptom management) for Medicaid enrollees to promote improved functioning or a restoration to a previous higher level of functioning. The program is designed to assist the individual in the acquisition of skills, retention of current functioning or improvement in the current level of functioning, appropriate socialization and adaptive coping skills. Eligible individuals must demonstrate restricted functioning as evidenced by an inability to provide for their instrumental activities of daily living (See notes). This modality may be provided as an adjunctive treatment or as a primary intervention.This service is available 5 hours per day, 5 days per week.


  • Structured Daily Activities
  • Psychotherapeutic Groups
  • Group Therapy
  • Recreation Therapy
  • Case Management


Day Treatment is a 90-day coed program. Services include individual and group counseling for skill building in areas of social skills, anger management, coping skills, conflict resolution, healthy expression of feelings, self-image and impulse control. Psychotherapeutic Recreation Group is offered at least 2 times weekly. Excelsior also uses “Why Try” and “Virtues Project” curriculum in our counseling services. Recreation is a major part of our program and is offered daily. Youth may also participate in ethnic minority culture groups offered twice monthly at Excelsior. Family therapy is offered in conjunction with the youth’s PCP. An individualized treatment plan to best address each youth’s unique needs and goals is developed at Intake and progress is reviewed at 45 days. A Psychosocial Assessment, which includes life domains and focuses on strengths, is completed with youth and primary care adults. Collaboration with all the adults in the youth’s life is also a primary focus of Day Treatment.

Day Treatment is aimed at providing a structured therapeutic service to youth with serious mental health issues who need a more intensive intervention than traditional outpatient counseling. Day Treatment may be used as a step down from hospitalization or as an intervention to hopefully alleviate the need for hospitalization or a CLIP placement. Youth served range in age from ten through seventeen. The status of youth’s living arrangements may vary. It is assumed that the referred youth will have a history of multiple problems, inclusive of psychiatric problems, abuse and victimization, aggression, attachment issues, substance abuse and education issues.