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In-Home Hospital Diversion

In-Home Hospital Diversion

~ Roads to Community Living Program

Excelsior has developed the only children’s Roads to Community Living program in our region of care. The program engages families with children, adolescents and young adults with chronic hospitalization, law enforcement interaction and CPS involvement. In 2014 this low-cost program kept 100% of participants from returning to the hospital and several families from filing dependency with the state of Washington.

Roads to Community Living (RCL) is a federally funded grant program designed primarily to assist youth to enter back into their homes after long-term, inpatient care. The goal of RCL is to increase the use of home and community based, rather than institutional long-term care, services by removing barriers to successful transition of individuals with highly complex needs. With individualized service plans designed to promote positive life choices, clients receive specialized one-on-one care. RCL works to meet the needs of each family and to coordinate services according to their specified needs. Taking therapy outside of the office and into real life scenarios, RCL provides wrap around services in coordination with primary therapists and other involved agencies. A key area of focus is engaging the youth in a one-on-one, mentoring relationship while enjoying fun and individualized activities.

    • Intensive Relocation Support
    • Therapeutic Recreational Assessment
    • Family therapy and Parent Education
    • Case management
    • Substance use Services
    • Substance use assessment and education
    • Funding of items for community transition
    • Consultation for managing challenging behavior
    • Specialized Individual and Group Counseling
    • Individual Therapeutic Recreation
    • Respite Services

The RCL program can provide funds for a variety of diverse needs. This could include:</h4

  • Purchase of a fence to create safety barrier for a child who was a chronic runaway
  • Expert behavioral consultation to the family for a child with explosive and aggressive behaviors
  • Therapeutic Recreational Therapy for assisting youth to cope with strong emotions and feelings.


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